For each groom there will be a short consultation beforehand. This will include:

  • Health Check
  • Completion of Client and Dog records
  • Discussion of Grooming Requirements
  • Price given for the groom
  • Collection time for your dog

The price of your dog’s groom may vary slightly. This can depend on the grooming requirements, coat condition & breed variation of size.  This will be discussed prior to your dog’s groom during the consultation. The prices below do not include Hand Stripping. If your dog requires to be hand stripped please call me on 07972 526173 and I can give you a quote over the phone as these prices can vary.  

Terms & Conditions for Fleas 

Flea treatment is available at your Vets and regular use is recommended. 

Salon Policy: If your dog comes into the salon with fleas, whether your dog has been treated for fleas or not, there will be a £5 charge. This charge is purely for the cost of having to "flea treat" the salon after a dog with fleas has visited. 

Terms & Conditions for Matting:

As a groomer I have a duty of care to your dog. If your dog’s coat becomes matted and I am unable to remove the knots, tangles or matts without causing any discomfort to your dog within 15 minutes then under the Animal Welfare Act I am unable to continue. This means your dog will need to be clipped off with a blade length that I believe most suitably cuts under the matts. Unfortunately this can sometimes mean your dog’s coat will be very short. This process is a last resort as I will try to keep as much coat for your dog as possible whilst maintaining my duty of care to your dog. 

Salon Policy: If your dog needs to be clipped off due to excessive matting there will be a charge for this. This charge will be discussed and agreed at the consultation before your dog’s groom. 

If you have recurring problems with matting, then please do speak to me as I can arrange a regular grooming plan for you. This can include "Bath & Brush Out" sessions in between regular grooming appointments or monthly grooms. Each plan will be made to your requirements. 

Medium Dog

Full Groom £40 / Bath Only £30

•    Basset Hound
•    Beagle
•    Bedlington Terrier
•    Bull Terrier
•    Cavachon
•    Cockerpoo
•    Dandie Dinmont 
•    Fox Terrier
•    Lakeland Terrier
•    Miniature Poodle
•    Miniature Schnauzer
•    Patterdale
•    Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen
•    Scottish Terrier 
•    Staffordshire Bull Terrier
•    Tibetan Terrier
•    Welsh Terrier

If you cannot find your dog's breed then

please call me and I can give you a quote over the phone

Tiny Dog

Full Groom £30 / Bath Only £20

•    Affenpinscher 
•    Chihuahua
•    Miniature Dachshund 
•    Griffon
•    Italian Greyhound
•    Norfolk Terrier
•    Pomeranian
•    Pug 
•    Toy Poodle 

Small Dog

Full Groom £35 / Bath Only £25

•    Bichon Frise
•    Border Terrier
•    Boston Terrier
•    Cairn
•    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
•    Chinese Crested
•    Cocker Spaniel
•    Corgi
•    Coton De Tulear 
•    French Bull Dog
•    Havanese
•    Jack Russell Terrier
•    Lhasa Apso
•    Maltease 
•    Shih Tzu
•    West Highland White Terrier
•    Whippet
•    Yorshire Terrier

Large Dog

Full Groom £45-£55 / Bath Only £35-£45

•    Afghan Hound
•    Airedale Terrier
•    Bearded Collie
•    Border Collie
•    Boxer
•    Clumber Spaniel
•    Dalmation
•    English Pointer
•    English Setter
•    Flat Coat Retriever 
•    German Shepherd 
•    Golden Retriever
•    Grande Basset Griffon Vendeen
•    Greyhound
•    Kerry Blue 
•    Irish Setter
•    Italian Spinone
•    Labrador
•    Labradoodle
•    Lurcher
•    Rough Collie
•    Rhodesian Ridgeback
•    Saluki
•    Smooth Collie
•    Springer Spaniel
•    Standard Poodle
•    Weimaraner 
•    Wheaten Terrier

Price List

Every Groom includes:

  • A bath including a shampoo and rinse
  • Optional blueberry facial scrub - gently cleanses and removes tear stains
  • A blow-dry to style your dog’s coat for the best result when grooming.
  • Your required groom.  This may be: Clipping, Scissoring or Hand Stripping, which will all be carried out to you and your dog’s personal requirements
  • A sanitary clip to keep your pooch clean and easy to manage
  • Nail clipping or filing down depending on your dog’s likes/dislikes
  • Ear clean; with deep cleansing ear solution and cotton wool ​